On the Bench

I’ll be starting a new segment here on what I’m working on, and things on the horizon. The Christmas season is quickly coming, now that stores are beginning to stock decorations, I can stock up on all manner of globe ornaments that will serve as the basis for a series of Christmas Maille Globe Ornaments. Exciting.
I’m working on a maille sporran (kilt pocket pouch) for a wedding in a few weeks. It’s 16g black and bright rings, embellished with black scales on the flap.
This past weekend we attended a wedding, for which the Princess of Fire showcased our latest peices, a barrel weave headpeice with jasper focal, and a jointed 4in1 sheet necklace.
I’ve gotten back into calligraphy, medieval manuscript style, by brush. Alongside that is a new try at carving soapstone chops (name seal stamps).
I’m toying with the notion of giving parchment making and ink making a go. The traditional kind, stretched hide and gall ink.
Also niggling at my creative muscle is hotworking leather for masks and such.
I do so dearly wish there was more than 24 hours in a day!


Just stopping by to say hi.

Just stopping by and writing this to let everyone know that the Painted Ogre is still around and working on projects. I admit, I’m pretty bad about updating blogs. Too busy making things and meeting awesome people. But I always respond to messages and emails.
Christmas is coming, so the Painted Ogre will be hard at work, making new maille globe ornaments, festive themed jewelery and a healthy stock of normal work.

A break, and Inspiration.

Adam here, the head git.

I kind of took a break from the chain and wire art for a little bit. I felt like I was out of good ideas and I was wrestling some technique hurdles. It was like the mojo of metal rings had left my hands.

I spent some time pursuing other art-related stuff. I sat down the other night and got out the rings for a bit. I felt refreshed and felt the mojo flowing. I’ve got a head full of delightful ideas and it seems promising that I may have figured out how to surmount those technique hurdles.

I’ll be playing with some of my old favorites, and breathing some new vigor into the weaves with new variations and patterns. I’ve also picked up a few new weaves to play with, so it’s going to be exciting times here for us.

I’ve also felt the itch and pull to head back into my workshop and get back on the block and grinder and turn out some new knives and metal art, so there’s that to look forward to.

Not Just a Jewelry Artist

Our head git and artist is not just a chainmail and jewelry artist, he’s also a juggler and performance artist. He’s been throwing stuff into the air and playing with objects in a space for a few years. Recently, he got a box of goodies from the fine folks out at Renegade Juggling chock full of new toys. Some new rings, a huge 7 inch contact juggling ball, LED green balls, a pair of figure eight rings and a super new juggling triangle and square.


First show of the season

This Saturday, March 31, we will be at Bryant and Stratton in Orchard Park from 10-5. We’ll have chainmaille, beaded jewelry and a few art pieces. Feel free to come by and cheer us on.

Progress is made.

Earlier this week, our business cards and event invites came, very swanky. We’re waiting for the official paperwork from the state to make this whole thing into more than just a hobby. 🙂

We met with a few prospective stores to carry our work, and have been invited to a couple of shows in the near future. Once we get final word about dates and times, it’ll be up here, along with information about where you can pick up our work in a retail setting.

Enter the Byzanking.

I’ve been playing lately a lot with the Byzantine family of mail weaves. I mean a lot. I’ve fairly fallen in love with it. Whether you call it Etruscan, Byzantine or Idiot’s Delight, I love it.

And the wonderful thing about the Byzantine family, is that there are enough variations, modifications and ways to make it playful and new each time you come at the weave.

I think that, for a while at least, a vast majority of the mail coming off of my pliers is going to be a derivative of this remarkable, yet beautifully simple weave.

I spent a bit last night playing with two of the variations, Helmantine and Locked Byzantine. Helmantine is a basic Byzantine cage connected with an orbital ring. Basically a hybrid of Helm and Byzantine. 


The Locked Byzantine is a series of Byzantine cages with a capturing ring around one set of connectors to ‘lock’ the cage in place. I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of it, but I will along with some of the other variations of Byzantine, as I play with them.


All Hail the Byzanking!!!!