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Newness & Such, #1

We adopted a new Orange Mascot this week past, Baldr, a six year old orange tiger forest cat.


Craft wise, we’ve been working on chainmail Thor’s Hammer pendants, even more keychain designs and we’re thinking about experimenting with glasswork and metal sculpture.


It’s too early in the year to start making announcements about festivals and shows we have planned, but with February around the corner, news will be coming soon.


Painted Ogre Inaugural Blog!

So this is it then. The Ogre and crew are all official. We have a blog, we have a Flickr, we have a presence.


We will have new content up on a weekly basis, if not more often. News about us, our lives, our crafts, and when and where you can find us in person.


So for now, welcome to the show, thanks for popping by, and enjoy.