I’ve been playing lately a lot with the Byzantine family of mail weaves. I mean a lot. I’ve fairly fallen in love with it. Whether you call it Etruscan, Byzantine or Idiot’s Delight, I love it.

And the wonderful thing about the Byzantine family, is that there are enough variations, modifications and ways to make it playful and new each time you come at the weave.

I think that, for a while at least, a vast majority of the mail coming off of my pliers is going to be a derivative of this remarkable, yet beautifully simple weave.

I spent a bit last night playing with two of the variations, Helmantine and Locked Byzantine. Helmantine is a basic Byzantine cage connected with an orbital ring. Basically a hybrid of Helm and Byzantine. 


The Locked Byzantine is a series of Byzantine cages with a capturing ring around one set of connectors to ‘lock’ the cage in place. I didn’t get a chance to snap a picture of it, but I will along with some of the other variations of Byzantine, as I play with them.


All Hail the Byzanking!!!!