Adam here, the head git.

I kind of took a break from the chain and wire art for a little bit. I felt like I was out of good ideas and I was wrestling some technique hurdles. It was like the mojo of metal rings had left my hands.

I spent some time pursuing other art-related stuff. I sat down the other night and got out the rings for a bit. I felt refreshed and felt the mojo flowing. I’ve got a head full of delightful ideas and it seems promising that I may have figured out how to surmount those technique hurdles.

I’ll be playing with some of my old favorites, and breathing some new vigor into the weaves with new variations and patterns. I’ve also picked up a few new weaves to play with, so it’s going to be exciting times here for us.

I’ve also felt the itch and pull to head back into my workshop and get back on the block and grinder and turn out some new knives and metal art, so there’s that to look forward to.