I’ll be starting a new segment here on what I’m working on, and things on the horizon. The Christmas season is quickly coming, now that stores are beginning to stock decorations, I can stock up on all manner of globe ornaments that will serve as the basis for a series of Christmas Maille Globe Ornaments. Exciting.
I’m working on a maille sporran (kilt pocket pouch) for a wedding in a few weeks. It’s 16g black and bright rings, embellished with black scales on the flap.
This past weekend we attended a wedding, for which the Princess of Fire showcased our latest peices, a barrel weave headpeice with jasper focal, and a jointed 4in1 sheet necklace.
I’ve gotten back into calligraphy, medieval manuscript style, by brush. Alongside that is a new try at carving soapstone chops (name seal stamps).
I’m toying with the notion of giving parchment making and ink making a go. The traditional kind, stretched hide and gall ink.
Also niggling at my creative muscle is hotworking leather for masks and such.
I do so dearly wish there was more than 24 hours in a day!