The obvious, get it out of the way. I am a mail weaver. It’s among the bevy of things I learned how to do years ago over the course of a few summers spent in the company of reenactors, history buffs and generally artsy type folks. I didn’t really do much with it beyond those summers, other than bang out the occasional keychain or coaster of E4-1.
I’ve been drawn to making things for as long as I can remember, acquiring skills in metalsmithing, glassworking, performance arts, culinary arts and music. I love creating with my hands. My hands that seem to have a genetic knowledge of craft and art that scares me sometimes.
Last year I was forced out of my culinary career due to health reasons and floundered for direction. I turned to my hands for something to do.

So now my job is to have fun, make things, and make other people smile. I juggle, I perform, I do blacksmithing, I weave chainmaille, I make jewelry, I am the Painted Ogre.